Car In Crate

  • Year: 2018
  • Provided Services: Long-term Homicide Evidence

The Problem: 

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department contacted SafeStore USA to assist them with the custom crating, transportation and secure storage of a critical piece of evidence. A badly burned car needed to be held with strict chain of custody to ensure its integrity. The case involved the deaths of two law enforcement officers.

The Solution:

A badly burned car needed to be carefully handled, transported and stored to ensure its integrity long-term. SafeStore USA designed and built a custom crate to protect it for transportation and storage.

Understandably, justice for officers killed in the line of duty is a solemn responsibility that all sworn officers take seriously. 

SafeStore USA was honored to be entrusted to:

  • Design and build custom crating to preserve the car as evidence, long-term
  • Enforce strict chain-of-custody procedures immediately
  • Transport it to the our high-security warehouse
  • Provide customized storage for this oversized item of evidence

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