What Is Your Process For Ensuring Strict Chain Of Custody?

SafeStore USA has been providing high-security evidence storage with strict chain of custody since 1996. We have a perfect record of keeping every item safe, secure and accounted for.

When you are ready to store property with us:

  1. A SafeStore USA driver picks up your evidence in a dedicated truck and immediately adheres to strict chain of custody procedures.
  2. Once your evidence is loaded on our truck, it is securely locked and we provide a receipt.  
  3. Our dedicated trucks transport your evidence exclusively, from your premises to our secure warehouse facilities with no other stops.
  4. Upon arrival at our warehouse, an ID and warehouse location number are assigned to each piece of evidence and then it is stored.
  5. You have 24/7 monitoring of your property in our warehouse. Photographs are provided upon request.
  6. When you are ready for us to return the evidence, we will deliver it in our dedicated trucks, or your approved personnel can pick it up with the proper authorization.

We safeguard your evidence with strict chain of custody every moment it is in our possession.

Learn more about our high-security facilities.

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