Evidence & Property Rooms: The Fort Knox Of Law Enforcement

Source: Evidence Log
| 11/16/2022

More and more, there has been a trend in law enforcement to utilize third-party suppliers for long-term storage solutions of DNA, homicide and sexual assault/rape kit storage. In this article, we will examine traditional solutions to long-term storage of evidence and property versus some of the more innovative and far more economical alternatives available to law enforcement agencies, courthouses and crime labs that are being achieved through the utilization of third-party suppliers able to provide secure chain-of-custody for long-term storage solutions.

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Evil's Humble Home

Source: NY Times
Richard Ford

“The Unabomber’s cabin now sits in warehouse limbo in Sacramento. Shorn of context, it’s still a radiantly mean little place, evocative of our darker selves.”

Careful Handling And Storage Can Avoid Spoliation

Source: Focus
Randy Turtle

“A 2001 newspaper article disclosed a surprising and disturbing fact. Evidence from various Southern California homicide investigations was being stored in an old department store basement…”

Air Tight

Source: Focus
Stephanie Francis Cahill

“The need to protect evidence from contamination led three attorneys to open a high-security storage facility in Sacramento. Among other items, SafeStore USA holds the famous Unabomber cabin.”

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