Climate-controlled Storage Services

At SafeStore USA we can help you meet your temperature-controlled storage requirements. We know how to warehouse your evidence to preserve its integrity long-term.

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Long-term Homicide Evidence

Do you have long-term, homicide storage needs? Most law enforcement agencies need more room to store evidence. Adding facilities is very costly. How can you get the space you need when you have to keep long-term, homicide evidence for decades?

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Transportation / Logistics

At SafeStore USA we specialize in evidence transportation and storage. We safeguard your evidence with strict chain of custody every moment it is in our possession. We have a perfect, 25-year record of keeping every item safe, secure and accounted for.

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Wildfire Evidence Storage

For 25 years, SafeStore USA has been trusted to provide secure evidence storage for federal, state, and law enforcement agencies, law firms, the insurance industry, and utility companies.

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Sexual Assault Kits

Law enforcement agencies are facing a nationwide backlog of sexual assault kits, hundreds of thousands of them. These tested kits need to be handled and stored correctly for decades to preserve the integrity of the evidence.

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Seized Evidence

Federal, state and local government agencies need cost-effective, secure storage for seized property and assets. Since 1996, we have been proud to store evidence for the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security and others.

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