California Wildfire Evidence

For 25 years, SafeStore USA has been trusted to provide secure evidence storage for federal, state, and law enforcement agencies, law firms, the insurance industry, and utility companies.

At SafeStore USA, our goal is to provide secure evidence storage for those who are dedicated to serving justice. By adhering to strict chain of custody and high-security facilities, we ensure the integrity of critical evidence and offer our clients peace of mind.

We provide the physical safeguards, control, and storage conditions to keep your critical property safe and preserve its integrity long-term. 

Secure, Customizable Storage Solutions

SafeStore USA is a high-security warehouse for short and long-term evidence storage. Our facility provides 24/7 monitoring for motion detection, fire, and security.

Our services provide dedicated trucks to transport your evidence exclusively from your location to our restricted-access warehouse facilities.

  • Inventory Management and Logistics
  • Transportation with Dedicated Trucks
  • Storage of Oversized and Odd-sized Items
  • Ambient Storage
  • Flexible/Customized Storage
  • Palletizing and Segregation

Get the secure evidence storage space you need with SafeStore.

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